It’s not you it’s me..

My relationship with London has evolved over time, full of good times and bad, heartache, love, fun and happiness…

My journey started in 2003, when I arrived in the country on a two year working holiday visa and my new education began as I started working in the city. I quickly found out Leicester Square, is pronounced ‘Leste’ Square – Holborn the British have applied their own pronunciation and its pronounced ‘Ho-Burn’. So the fewer letters you pronounce, the more you actually sound like you know what you are talking about. The novelty of catching the tube also quickly wears off during rush hour.

Speed up and here I am still nine and half years later and I am breaking up with London. It’s not you London – it’s me. I need to explore other lifestyle options. I need to spend more time on the things I love most. I need to live in the moment and see what life wants to throw at me. But I hope we can still be friends. And who knows, one day in the future, maybe we can try again. For now I bid it farewell and find myself reflecting on the things I will miss most about the place I’ve called home.

The melting pot of cultures that provides the opportunity to make friends from all over the world. The first sunny day of the year when our pale skin turns pink, the parks are full of happy people and we enjoy the delusion that a great summer has begun. I might even find myself wishing for London’s weather. The buzz I feel travelling across Waterloo Bridge or walking along South Bank – even after all these years I still can’t believe I have been fortunate enough to live in one of the most amazing cities in the world.

I could go on forever, but the truth of the matter is that it’s way too early to tell exactly what I will miss. When you live in London, you’ll never want to leave. When you’re away from London, you’ll long to return…


002 2013-04-10_0007

003 2013-04-10_0009

004 2013-04-10_0010

005 2013-04-10_0011

006 2013-04-10_0002



  1. Martynska says:

    10 years on one page – impressive ;) Waiting for more.

  2. London will miss you too x

  3. Garside 3.5 says:

    Love you lots have fun and London will always welcome you back anytime you feel you are ready. Looking forward to all the adventures and AMAZING photos I am sure you will share

  4. The pull is great, far greater than you’ll know until you leave. It becomes a part of you this enormously wonderful and intriguing city called London. It’s an everlasting love but luckily she’s one that will let you go your ways, discover the missing parts of you, explore what life has to offer just so the enriched you can bring it all back and make her sparkle even more. She will wait patiently for your return and will fling her arms wide open with a welcoming smile when you finally decide to tread down her footpaths again. Until then its adieu, farewell and happy travels my lovely lady!

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